Thrive Communities Partnership

We are thrilled to be partnering with Thrive Communities at Colearn Academy.  Thrive offers a once a week drop off program for students in K-8 and 9-12 throughout the state of Arizona.  

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Convenient locations across Arizona!

Thrive Communities are located all over the state of Arizona! Find out if there is a location near you for your students to enjoy.

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Classical Model

Colearn Classical Communities are built for families who want to dive deep into the study of History, Science and Enrichment. We are using a loose Classical education model, designed to be a fun and non-stressful way for students to learn. We use the 3 stages of learning in the Classical model:

Grammar Stage (K-5)

Students learn through memorization, soaking up information through song, games, and hands- on exploration of their world. This stage lays the foundation of all future areas of study in a child's life.

Logic Stage (6th-8th)

Students are encouraged to dive deep, ask questions, and analyze information. During this stage, there is an emphasis on using logic to ask questions, analyze and organize facts that they have learned.

Rhetoric Stage (9th-12th)

Students are ready to use the skills laid in the foundations of their learning to form conclusions and to express themselves with confidence. Students are taught to analyze and synthesize their own thoughts, beliefs and opinions.


All grade levels will study the same 4 year cycle of science and history. The topics repeat every 4 years, allowing for a comprehensive understanding as students advance through the grammar, logic and rhetoric stages.

Colosseum Rome

Diving Deep into History

Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of historical time periods as students advance through the grammar, logic and rhetoric stages.

Year 1 Ancients Year 2 Medieval/Early Renaissance Year 3 Late Renaissance/Early Modern Year 4 Modern Times

Classical Science

Students will study four important aspects of science, advancing in knowledge and rigor as they advance through the 4 classical phases.

Year 1 Biology Year 2 Earth Science and Astronomy Year 3 Chemistry Year 4 Physics
Classical Communities Art

Exploring Art

Students will have the opportunity to explore their talents and interests through Art classes. Students will delve into drawing, painting, and other mediums to produce a portfolio of work that connects history, science and creativity.

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Students enrolled in Colearn Academy Arizona as public charter students are able to enjoy Thrive Communities for free!  Tuition to Thrive Communities one-day a week drop off program is covered by Colearn Academy.  We are excited to offer this amazing program to our students.